Saturday, December 01, 2012

DIY Modern Lumber Furniture

We seem to making a lot of lumber furniture these days! The more pieces we make, the more we like it. As furniture wears out, we are replacing it with homemade lumber furniture. I liken the style to be somewhere between IKEA style pine and rustic pallet furniture. You certainly can't beat the price! Rough pine lumber is very inexpensive.

Here's what we've made so far. I hope this inspires someone to try this for themselves. It takes very little skill. We are complete amateurs, and yes, it is not fine carpentry work, but we weren't going for this, nor did we expect this.

My daughter's bed with room for storage underneath.

Tall table...we are using this as a kitchen island now. 

Young children's pallet book shelf

Cat ladder and sleeping box

Pallet/scrap wood toy shelf

Entertainment center or bookshelves

Platform bed and DIY mattress

Sectional sofa 

Not lumber, but free - stump side table/stool

Free standing kitchen(full pictures will come later...we are still putting on the final touches.)
12/9/12: Okay, here is the rough unfinished version of our DIY kitchen:

My husband recently made a child sized computer table with bench for my daughter which I'll add here later.

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