Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Newest Project: Stump Stools or Side Tables

My neighbor took down a pine, and this piece was level with a nice flared bottom edge, perfect for a rustic side table. I've already gotten half the bark off with a crow bar, and the wood underneath is very smooth and finished looking. I thought about painting it white, but I like it natural. It will blend well with all the ethnic red handwoven items that I've got on the wall, the floor, and my sofas. The bark is going into my garden beds as mulch. Free is good!

The bottom right image shows an example of wider stumps(painted white) being used as coffee tables. There is one just like this from my neighbor's tree take-down. I'm trying to convince my husband to haul it back for me in a wheel barrel.


Eva said...

They use those stumps as chairs at our Waldorf school, but only outdoors. I thought you had to dry the wood first and make sure it doesn't have any bugs/worms in it before taking it indoors, but I'm no expert. It looks great!

Alexandra said...

Hello Eva! I will come visit soon. I've gotten behind with blogging. I think you(one) should dry it out before painting. This one was very moist as it was freshly cut. It smells wonderful indoors!

There were a few non-boring bugs(no termites) on the outside bark(very thick pine), but none had gotten into the interior wood. A good visual inspection is all you need. Avoid rotten stumps. They should be healthy and freshly cut. If you are still wary, it can be washed down with some dish soap(not detergent) - effectively an insecticidal soap.

Eva said...

I'm also taking a break from too much computer, there are so many other things that need to get done!

Thanks for the info. We've only taken thick slices of branches inside to use as blocks. They were put in a warm oven for a while to kill possible insects.

Alexandra said...

Murphy's oil soap would work as well. As soon as these(I've got two now) dry out, I'll use some natural oils to keep them nice.

I'm accustomed to bugs. We have so many down here, and they tend to find their way into the house no matter how clean or careful you are. I am always dealing with them, especially ant parades in the spring, crickets, spiders, and rolly pollies. We have those huge flying roaches as well! Ekkk. I use borax powder where they come in from the outside through the garage, and I always find them dead.

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