Thursday, March 15, 2012

Build Your Own Sectional Platform Sofa/Couch

We finally made it! We used twin mattresses (standard 39 x 75 inches) on homemade platforms. The construction of the platform was very basic: Six 2 x 11 x 10 pine lumber boards(three each), and two long lumber posts cut into legs, nine inches tall each(10 altogether). The cuts were made for us in the lumber section at Home Depot for a small fee. We used an old twin box spring as a guide (template) for width and length. Everything was screwed together with long dry wall screws. There are five legs on each platform, one at each corner and one in the middle. We used some scrap lumber to tie(cross brace) the boards together by screwing them across the width in a two areas. We spent about $75.00 for the two platforms. Look in the garbage bins at the end of the lumber aisles for free scrap lumber(cross braces). Ask first, of course.

We accidentally purchased the ten foot boards, but if you can find eight feet, it will be less expensive - about $2.00 less a board. Although, if you need it, longer lengths will mean more leftover scrap wood, which could be reused as cross braces.

We have a small Honda Fit and were able to get the materials home in two trips. So, you don't necessarily need a truck to made this. We used one mattress on hand, and had one delivered from an online mattress discounter.

It's very rustic, but that's what we were going for. We've traveled a lot during our life times, so we have a penchant for ethnic items. We used what we had for a cheerful and child friendly living room. It's a north facing room, so tends to be a bit deary and dark. It needed color.

You can eyeball the work in the picture, and get a idea of construction. It's heavy, and very sturdy. Although it's a fairly clean cut, we still need to sand the exposed ends.

Because these are made with sleeping mattresses, they are very comfortable and roomy for relaxing and hanging out with family. Cleaning is very simple - just take off the covers and wash. A plastic mattress cover can be added underneath the coverings for wet spill protection. Probably the least expensive no-sew upholstery-like covering would be an Indian dhurrie throw rug. I found the large stripped one(all cotton) in the picture at Big Lots for about $15.00, several years ago. All this makes for a hygienic and allergy friendly couch.

We made a taller twin platform bed for my daughter in August of last year here.


Myrnie said...

WOW, how fun! (And I love your coffee table.)

Debbie J said...

You did a great job. Looks nice and very functional!

Alexandra said...

Thanks. :) That coffee table is an upside down rattan foot stool with a thrift store tray on those thrifts!

garrettartdesign said...

I love the bed you created! I've been looking for something simple that will have me up off the floor (am currently sleeping on an air mattress on the floor, which is not good on my 59+ year young knees or body) and in looking at sheets on a Google search your bed came up. I am glad and subscribed to your postings while if I get a Blog going again with my sewing, I'll add your blog as a link (or whatever it is). Thanks....

Steve Garrett -

Alexandra said...

It's simple, and easy to make. My husband drilled this together in no time. The self measured pre-cuts at Home Depot or Lowe's make this a beginner project in difficulty level. Good luck with your project.

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