Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sewing Frugality

"...The key to saving money through sewing is to be resourceful: Thrift stores are wonderful sources for fabric. Menswear is currently a huge trend in home d├ęcor. With a couple very simple straight stitches, a pinstripe or plaid men's Oxford shirt for $2 to $3 at a thrift store can be made into a great throw pillow. I saw a fun "Believe Memphis" blanket that someone had fashioned from the Grizzlies' yellow giveaway growl towels. My first sofa was an $80 yellow velour vintage find, for which I fashioned a white canvas slipcover. Buttons and zippers can be pilfered from old clothing being thrown out to save on the cost of notions. Sheets can be used for pattern making. If you go to estate sales or yard sales, bags of fabric or notions can often be picked up for next to nothing." Read more.


Siobhan said...

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Margaret Mary Myers said...

This post is making me want to sew! :) I really need to drag my sewing machine out from under the desk where it sits. I love her ideas. I've always liked what I always called "Recycle Sewing", taking something that already is & making something new of it. I never throw away an item of clothing without first taking off any buttons, etc. Of course, if the clothing has enough wear to pass on, I leave it intact! :) If possible, even sew something that needs sewing before giving it away. So many other things to do, but just thinking about sewing is fun stuff. Thank you for all the great ideas you share!

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