Sunday, June 07, 2015

Extra Etsy Pictures

Needed to host some extra Etsy pictures here, so if you are following my blog, please just disregard. Etsy listing.

Friday, June 05, 2015

Planning for College Already!

Gahh, I can't believe we are at the end of the road for homeschooling my son. What a journey it has been, and since Kindergarten no less.

He'll be eighteen soon, so he decided to study for and take the GED during his senior year this fall. College tuition is ridiculously expensive, so he'll start off at our community college studying for an A.S. in computer science. I remember working part-time in college and earning enough to cover tuition. Tuition was very inexpensive in the late 1980's.

Other things he'll be working on are getting a driver's license and setting up some volunteer work for job experience. We'll be sharing a car while he goes to college and works.

Still Listing at Etsy

I've picked up some older classroom games that I'll list after my daughter has some time with them, and more books. Most of the older classic collections of children's stories are really high quality. I hope someone selects those for their home library.

I haven't decided whether I should open a second shop just for my vintage collectibles, or just mix them in with the books. I'll probably just have to experiment. Meanwhile, I stick to what appeals to me and hope others out there have the same taste. If not, I'll have an awesome library for keeps! Haha.

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