Friday, February 08, 2013

Free First Grade Nursery Rhyme Reading Printables and Worksheet

I've got this site, Lit2Go linked on my sidebar. Today we used a first grade readibility level print-out for the nursery rhyme, Pat-A-Cake. At the link is an audio version, a PDF illustrated black and white page of the rhyme, and a worksheet. All are free to print and use.

All grades are represented at Lit2Go, and they offer a good variety of classic literature.

My daughter also made a cake all by herself(mostly) from a mix. She learned to cut the amounts down based on the smaller size. We used a small glass oven-safe bowl. It was very good! She put strawberry yogurt on top for icing.

A little literature arts and math(fractions and measurements) for afternoon fun. : )


Eva said...

Is this her stuffed animal (mole?) eating? How cute!

Alexandra said...

From that angle it does look like a mole. It is actually a penguin in a dress.

Eva said...

That's what Flora does all the time. She dresses her cat!

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