Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Shore

We had a great time at the Jersey Shore with family, and despite walking many miles on the boardwalk everyday, my husband and I still returned packing some extra weight in the middle section(oink, oink) - too much ice cream, pizza, and soft pretzels. Time to get back to a proper diet; it was fun though! The weather was a little cold, but we still braved the beaches. Last year we did more site seeing; this year we spent more time on the beach and walking the "boards".

What struck me as especially relaxing was the joyful demeanor and smiles. Everyone was truly enjoying themselves at the shore this year. There were many tourists from all over the world as well as tons of cute 70+ aged visitors during the week, when the rates were less expensive. They were so friendly and loved talking to us about the children. I came back feeling so positive - joy is contagious!

We visit Lucy every year. This year they had an illustrated Lucy the Elephant book which is now my daughter's favorite book. A little about Lucy of Margate, New Jersey:

A National Historic Landmark in New Jersey, Lucy the Margate Elephant is an elephant-shaped building located on the beach at Margate. The elephantine structure stands 65-feet high and weighs 90 tons. Since its construction in 1881, Lucy the Elephant has enjoyed several different "careers." Originally intended to encourage real-estate investment on the Jersey Shore, Lucy the Elephant has been, at one time or another, a restaurant, a tavern, a house and a tourist attraction. In 1970, the famous landmark was moved to its present location, where it underwent extensive restorations of its exterior. Several years later, Lucy the Elephant reopened for public tours. Today, visitors are allowed to enter Lucy the Elephant via a spiral staircase in one of the hind legs and to climb up to the howdah (or seat on Lucy the Elephants back) for a refreshing view of the ocean.

We also got to the fabulous well kept Cape May County Zoo which is free of charge. I like it because they have a huge savannah for the giraffes, antelopes, ostriches, and zebras. It's great to see them have all that space to roam.

Places of interest in New Jersey for field trips.


Rose said...

I'd love to visit Lucy sometime! Sounds like a fun getaway. :-)

Myrnie said...

So fun! I've never heard of Lucy before, sounds amazing :)

Scared Black Faerie Knight said...

Sounds like you have been having a marvelous time. I hope that the break leaves you energized and re-charged!

Eva said...

Welcome back!s

Alexandra said...

Thanks so much. :) I'll be catching up with you all soon.

Rose - I look forward to visiting your blog. Thanks for visiting. :)

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