Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fun at the Beach

A lovely restored building along the boardwalk, built in 1881.

A climb to the top of Lucy the Elephant(1882), and more climbing up a WWII lookout tower and light house(1859) at the Cape May Point State Park.

We meet up with family who traveled south to meet us on the beach Sunday.

Fountain light show at the pier shopping center.

Next year, maybe we'll get to Amish country, or Philadelphia during the slow season.


a soldiers wife said...

sounds like a wonderful time!

Lola said...

Oh my Lucy looks great!

Which Amish Country? We flew into Albany NY a couple of Mays ago and found out that they have an Amish Museum, but we didn't get to go!

Alexandra said...

The one near Philly - Lancaster area. We may stay in between Philly and Lancaster so that we can visit both.

Debbie J said...

You had a nice time I can tell! Your photos show some interesting sites.

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