Thursday, April 07, 2011

Apple Tree Seedlings

These sprouted quite well! My son saved all his apple seeds from his green apples, and they grew rather quickly from these seeds in a starter soil(dollar store) under plastic.

We'll be transplanting these in our garden when they grow larger.


Lady Farmer said...

Bravo! for your son! What a great heirloom they will turn into as he and they grow up together!

Myrnie said...

Did you have to dry them first??

Alexandra said...

Yes, they had been kicking around for a while by the time I planted these. I had read that they needed cold stratification and nicking first, but these came out fine without these methods. I'll add the brand of green apple just as soon as we buy another bag - the name escapes me.

Scared Black Faerie Knight said...

So, will these then grow to bear fruit?

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