Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Indoor Winter Gardening: Cucumbers

This is an experiment, so I don't know if I'll have cucumbers anytime soon, but my potted indoor cucumbers are blooming in a sunny window with southwestern exposure.


Myrnie said...

That is so cool!! How will you pollinate them?

Alexandra said...

I've got to hand pollinate, but this one may be self pollinating - not sure.

Eva said...

They look great!

Elizabeth said...

don't you need bees? How does this work?

Elizabeth said...

how do you hand pollinate?

Alexandra said...

Well, since we are only talking about flowers(giggle) take the boy part and rub it on the girl parts. I found the directions online.

I am beginning to think mine are self pollinating because I can't tell a difference between flowers. I do think I saw a few baby cucumbers growing though, either that or it's a girl flower. They are the ones with womb like mass right before the flower. We'll see.

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