Friday, January 14, 2011

Almost Free Organic Ketchup

With my Swagbucks earnings I was able to purchase twelve bottles of organic ketchup(O Organics Tomato Ketchup, 20 Ounce Bottles Pack of 12) from Amazon for $ 5.08. If I had waited another week or more, I'd have gotten them for .08 cents. We needed it now, so I'll begin banking my earnings again. Shipping was free.

My Swagbucks earnings are from simple searches uses the Swagbucks search engine. This could not have been easier for me to earn a little extra grocery money.

I just discovered the grocery coupon section at Swagbucks! Supposedly, I can earn 10 Swagbucks for every coupon used.


Eileen and Vincent said...

I love your blog its beautiful and has a lot of thrifty ideas.

From a homeschool Catholic Mom of 4, keep up your great blogging.

Elizabeth said...

Hi, I tried this, meaning that I registered for this. ismit complicated?

Alexandra said...

No, it is easy. You can add the search to your toolbar. If you don't want to add their toolbar, just bookmark the site to your browser. If you use their search frequently(on a daily basis), you could easily earn $10.00- $15.00 a month.

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