Saturday, October 02, 2010

October Squirrels: Children's Vintage Calendar and Short Story

I printed this out for my homeschooled Kindergartener. This chalkboard calendar is from 1909 which just happens to have the same beginning day of the week as 2010. It is free and in public domain. I found this in a 1909 teacher's periodical on Google Books. Click on image to enlarge.

A story we read as well - The Disobedient Squirrels, 1853. It's got a rather harsh lesson, the fatal consequences of disobedience, but I remember reading these types of stories as a child. In much the same way that Aesop's fables passed on wisdom, these sorts of stories made me think twice about disobeying my parents, and to trust in their wisdom. Right click on image of the page at the link to print or save. There are a few blank pages, just keep clicking through to get to the second page of the story.

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Anne said...

I looked up the good story. Harsh, but realistic! How lucky to find a calendar that works for this month. :)

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