Saturday, February 20, 2010

Homeschool Helps: Discovery School Ancient Egypt DVD

We checked out a Discovery School Egypt DVD(grades 3-5) at the library last week. My son is in sixth, but it was a great review of what he learned in fourth grade social studies. I pretty sure that was the grade which covered ancient Egypt in Rod & Staff. It's part animation and part actual footage of Egypt. If you are looking for a children's video which shows the Nile flood plains and explains irrigation, this is it.

About this Product

"Includes: Ancient Egypt: Land of Abundance: Learn about the geography of the Nile, and see the development of irrigation and agriculture in Egypt through the writings of Ahtet, a young Egyptian boy. We'll see Papyrus harvested and made into paper, and hear stories about the origin of some hieroglyphs. Beautiful Nile wildlife images will inspire Ahtet to recount the timeless story of Isis and Osiris, and Ancient Egypt: Constructing Civilization: Experience the grand pyramids at Giza through the writings of Ahtet, a young Egyptian boy. We learn about Egypt's first Pharaohs and Imhotep, the visionary architect of the Great Pyramids. Ahtet goes on to recount the many ways in which Egyptians are master builders, and shows us how huge obelisks are created, transported, and raised. " More here.

Lesson plans and classroom tools for Discovery School DVDs here.


Elizabeth G. said...

Sounds like this is a really good resource!

How is your Lent going? Anything special that you are doing with the children?

What's the weather like right now? Is your snow gone?

Have a great Sabbath!

Alexandra said...

You are sweet to ask. :) We've had the stomach flu come through, but so far my son and I have not gotten it. I'm behind and dragging a little, but the weather has been beautiful. I sat out in the sun for a long time today soaking up all that vitamin D.

a Happy Sabbath to you as well. Hope you are perking up some.

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