Saturday, February 06, 2010

Heavy Rains, Flooding, and More Snow

I haven't seen our backyard this flooded since Hurricane Isabel. Thankfully, our power has held, and we are not in the dark and without heat. If it gets much colder, we may have a skating rink tomorrow!


Myrnie said...

Have we seen a picture of your backyard before? It's gorgeous!

Debbie J said...

It is really, really wet here too! We had buckets of rain, but missed the snow this time. Good thing its not the time of year that farmers need to be working in the fields around here, because they are saturated!

Alexandra said...

Thanks's seen better days though. Past droughts and my neglect have taken their toll. I think I'll back to gardening this coming year.

That is a blessing, Debbie. We love those N.C. veggies! :)

Berry Patch said...

The weather has been crazy. We actually have very little snow for this time of year way up here in the north.

Dorothy said...

So, did you actually have an ice rink? When we lived in Canada, our neighbiours would make on in the snow every year!

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