Thursday, February 11, 2010

Family Movie Night: Flywheel

Flywheel (Director's Cut)
Jay Austin (Alex Kendrick) wants to sell you a used car, but watch out! Many victims have fallen prey to his smiling face and hasty promises. Austin does everything his way until his dishonesty and manipulation are repeatedly exposed. Like many men, the masks he wears and the lies he tells disgust him. While having a classic convertible repaired, Austin begins a humorous and powerful journey to win back the hearts of his wife (Janet Lee Dapper), his son (Richie Hunnewill) and his community. In every man's life, there can be a turning point. Jay Austin takes it, and he never looks back. ~

Inspiring Christian movie by the folks who brought us the movie, Fireproof. We watched it this past weekend via Netflix.


Lola said...

Thanks for the recommendation, now off to ask the dh to place it on the 'request list'.

Denese said...

Thank you, Alexandra, we'll have to look for that one.
It's so hard to find good family movies.


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