Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Making Toast without a Toaster

My kitchen space is limited, so as small kitchen appliances have broken down, I've simply not replaced them, and made do with what I had. We haven't had a toaster in years, but then we rarely eat toast. This past weekend my MIL came to visit and asked for toast. No problem; we toasted the bread the old fashioned way - under the broiler.

Making Toast Without a Toaster

While she was visiting, our little microwave perished, so we have been warming leftovers in the oven, and using a teapot. I'm really liking all the extra room and the clutter free look on the counter tops. Simplicity is good.


Soutenus said...

Ditto here! :-)

Myrnie said...

You have more patience than I do! (My kids eat at least a few pieces of toast every day- since I make bread every other day or so, it's one of the first snacks I offer!)

Blessedmom said...

That's really a good idea, I've recently come to the same conclusion about appliances, if they go out, and they are not absolutely necessary, they don't get replaced. I'll use them until then though. However in a large family like ours, making toast in the oven is a big time saver, it takes half the time of toasting just a couple of pieces for each person.

. said...

I understand. Sometimes we feel so relieved seeing some extras going out .

Elizabeth G. said...

I'm with you...I have a blender, which I can't live without, but not much else. Small kitchen, too. Less is more!

Anne@Rosydreamer said...

That sounds so nice. I think kitchens are prettier without the appliances.

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