Saturday, January 09, 2010

Kitchen Pantry Dry Skin Relief

All natural olive oil is effective at getting rid of itchy dry winter skin. We have sensitive skin in my family, and this natural oil works gently for the children and adults. I've even tried canola oil, but it's a bit too light as a moisturizer for winter. Heavier kitchen oils work the best. Between baking soda baths and olive oil as a moisturizer, I've managed to keep away my daughter's winter rash.

Olive oil is also great for hot oil dry hair treatments. However, just warm it slightly; it gets hot very quickly.

Although we usually get a large sized olive oil at our local Save-A-Lot grocery store, I've seen olive oil at the Dollar Store, so it can be found very inexpensively. I also get a large container of sea salts at the Dollar Store for a natural facial scrub. There is something about winter dry skin and blemishes that calls for a gentle scrub to help turn that flaky skin over.

Also see 15 Household Uses for Olive Oil.


Otter Mom said...

I have very dry skin and use olive oil on a regular basis. I like to get in a warm shower and slather the olive oil all over (lightly), then stay in there for a few minutes. The warmth seems to help the oil absorb into my skin. You'll still have to use a little soap when you are done, otherwise you will be slick & slippery! But it really helps and with the extremely sensitive skin I have, olive oil does not affect my allergies.

Alexandra said...

I think I might try this. Thanks! :)

Shannon said...

I have been searching for a solution to my children's dry skin; however, I don't want to make them smell funky. ;) Is there a particular type of olive oil that has no scent?... I just do not know all the varieties. I have extra virgin olive oil on hand and it is quite smelly... I am testing it on my hand right now. Could you email me at if you know one. Thanks so much!

Alexandra said...

I'm not sure Shannon..we use extra virgin or regular - whichever is on sale. I don't notice any bad smells.

Alexandra said...

Update, we are now using Crisco which is working even better than the olive oil.

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