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Homeschool: Free Printable and Downloadable Vintage Children'sThanksgiving Stories

All are free and in public domain. They should be defaulted to HTML, but if not use the sidebar(once you begin reading the book) to change to HTML if you want to print pages. Right click on the image of the page to prompt your computer for menu to print.

Good Stories for Great Holidays
by Frances Jenkins Olcott, published by Houghton Mifflin Company, 1914. Click here. Contents:
For grades 1-4
A Thanksgiving Dinner, in White, When Molly was Six;
The Chestnut Boys, in Poulsson, In the Child's World; The
First Thanksgiving Day, in Wiggin and Smith, Story Hour;
The Marriage of Mondahmin, in Judd, Wigwam Stories; The
Turkey's Nest, in Lindsay, More Mother Stories; The Visit,
in Lindsay, More Mother Stories; Turkeys Turning the
Tables, in Howells, Christmas Every Day.

For grades 5-6.
A Dinner That Ran Away, in Miller, Kristy's Surprise
Party; A Mystery in the Kitchen, in Miller, Kristy's Surprise
Party; Ann Mary, Her Two Thanksgivings, in Wilkins,
Young Lueretia; An Old-Time Thanksgiving, in Indian Stories
Retold from St. Nicholas; The Coming of Thanksgiving, and
The Season of Pumpkin Pies, in Warner, Being a Boy; The
Magic Apples, in Brown, In the Days of Giants; St. Francis's
Sermon to the Birds, Longfellow (poem), in Story-Telling
For grades 7-8.
An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving, Alcott; The First
Thanksgiving Day, Preston (poem), in Story-Telling Poems; The
Night Before Thanksgiving, in Jewett, The Queen's Twin;
The Peace Message (poem), in Stevenson, Poems of Amercan
History; The Turkey Drive, in Sharp, Winter.

The First Book in United States History by Waddy Thompson, fifth grade, very detailed and a bit dry, but not if you enjoy facts. Quiz on page 95, The First Thanksgiving Day in America.

History of the United States for Catholic Schools by Charles Hallan McCarthy(middle school), The First Thanksgiving Day.

English Lessons by Ada Van Stone Harris(advanced fourth grade, fifth grade), Thanksgiving Lessons.

Stories for Every Holiday
by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey, published by The Abingdon Press, 1918. Primer, beginning reader. The Story of Pilgrims.

TELL ME ANOTHER STORY, read aloud for young children, The First Thanksgiving.

Story Hour Readings by Ernest Clark Hartwell, Thanksgiving Day Proclamations: George Washington and Theodore Roosevelt.

In the Child's World By Emilie Poulsson, A Boston Thanksgiving and How Patty Gave Thanks.

The Childrens̓ Sunday Hour of Story and Song by Sara Bullard Moffatt, Julia Augusta Hidden, The First Thanksgiving.

Poems of American History, by Burton Egbert Stevenson(middle school - high school): The First Thanksgiving Day , The Thanksgiving in Boston, and The First Thanksgiving.

Live Language Lessons by Roscoe Driggs, lessons plans with stories: Third Grade, Fourth grade and Fifth grade.

The Merrill Third Grade Reader by Franklin Benjamin Dye, The First Thanksgiving.

World Stories Retold for Modern Boys and Girls by William James Sly, The Mayflower and The Pilgrims.

The Story of the Thirteen Colonies by Hélène Adeline Guerber, The First Thanksgiving(middle school).

Standish of Standish by Jane Goodwin Austin, The First Thanksgiving Day of New England(middle school and up).

History Reader for Elementary schools by Lucy Langdon Williams Wilson(about third grade), November Stories.

Primary Education, November 1914 short poems, stories, songs, and cutouts for young children, pages 576 - 580.

Foundation Lessons in English by Oskar Israel Woodley, The First Thanksgiving(middle and high school).

Guide Books to English
by Charles Benajah Gilbert(advanced third grade, fourth grade)

Short Stories from American History By Albert Franklin Blaisdell, The First Thanksgiving(late elementary)

Picture Study in Elementary Schools by Williams Wilson, picture study of Boughton's, The Mayflower.

More here and here(quick printables).


Elizabeth G. said...

Wow, thank you for this wonderful link. You put a lot of work into it. I'm sure many people will refer to this.


Alexandra said...

Thanks Elizabeth. I enjoy finding these stories; we use them on a daily basis for homeschool.

Denese said...

What a great list of Thanksgiving resources!
There are quite a few here I don't have. Thanks so much. :)

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