Sunday, November 18, 2007

Free Printable Vintage Children's Thanksgiving Poems and Stories

These are in public domain. I've copied and pasted them to Google Documents. Just click and print.

Fourth Grade Reader:LANDING OF THE PILGRIM FATHERS poem with a vocabulary list and comprehension questions. Also from this reader, Thanksgiving Dinner at Plumfield by L.M. Alcott Book source here.

I'll add more as I find them. Please visit my homeschooling library blog for more free public domain books.

Thanksgiving(blessing poem), source: a vintage children's reader.

Printable at site:

From The Elson Primary School Reader Book Four, The First Thanksgiving Day, pages 50- 62, a play. It was too long for me to copy, edit and paste in plain text. If you switch to HTML(bottom right margin at text page), you can right click and save page, or try the download button(iffy).

Stories of Colonial Children, pages 43-50 cover the First Thanksgiving.Free and in public domain. Switch to plain text to copy and paste, download book(iffy), or switch to HMTL(bottom right margin) to right click and save pages. It may be in HTML mode already.

Historical Plays of Colonial Days, for Fifth Year Pupils. Free and in public domain. I've linked it to HTML mode so there are hyperlinks on the table of contents. You can switch it to plain text if you want to copy and paste. See page 39, Little Pilgrims, and a few others.

More here.


Jimmie said...

Great resources as always. I'vefinally gotten around to linking to this on my Thanksgiving lapbook page (

Alexandra said...

Thanks Jimmie. :) Thanks for visiting...can't wait to see you suidoo page, hopping over there now.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for these resources! I'm so excited to run across something like this! Thanks!

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