Saturday, March 19, 2016

Homeschool Graduate!

My oldest officially graduated earlier this week. Wahoooo! I won't miss accounting for his progress to the state. It is so pleasant to be out from under the education regulations. Not much has changed other than the legalities; he still continues to learn and work toward a career.

New short term goals are CLEPing out of Algebra, Calculus, and English Composition.  We take a tour of the local community college campus in April. He's leaning toward an Associate's in Computer Science with a transfer across town to the four year college to finish up with a Bachelor's degree. The community college is very liberal with accepting CLEP credits. He could CLEP out of as many as are available for his degree.

This link is super for finding free college classes online, then there's Khan Academy, and official CLEP study guides. All appear to be helpful for acing the CLEP.

All about the CLEP, only $80.00! This beats the cost of a class.

I'll be sure to update here with the CLEP experiences and results.

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