Monday, May 25, 2015

Brain Pop Junior App

Loving this app for K-grade 3. Brain Pop Junior covers six subjects. We began with the free app at Amazon, and liked it so much that we paid for full access, $9.45 per month. I stepped away from my frugal ways(find it free) for this one. The quality was very good, and covered quite a bit from English, Science, Arts & Technology, Social Studies, Math to Health. It is worth it for my wiggly third grader...really captures her attention. This is a super informative high interest supplement.

Thrift Finds - Educational Games

Picked up a vintage Spill and Spell last week,  some state flash cards, and a 3D Taj Mahal puzzle. The Spill and Spell was a hit. We have not yet put together the huge puzzle yet, but it looked like fun. I'll be doing a little unit study along with the puzzle next week.

Very inexpensive items. I think I spent about two dollars. Check out yardsales this summer for good deals on educational items. I'm always surprised at what people pass up at yardsales, and eventually donate. Even later in the day after they have been picked over, check the yardsales out. You might find some useful learning items at reduced prices. Thrift stores are the same way. I found my items 15 minutes before closing. The place had been picked clean, but these were found right on top of the bins, like they were waiting for me.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Frogs in the Pond

Apparently April was National Frog Month. Save the frogs! We've got a frog living in our tiny pond now, and it took up residence with us in April. I added rocks to the bottom and anchored some floating driftwood which seems to be ideal. I just ordered some tadpole friends to join him/her in the pond.

I found a really long early elementary unit study on frogs. So much to choose from!

See here.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Bedtime Math

I just ordered the book after using the website for free math problems.

A question a night keeps the math fears away - Math problems are divided by skill level, so can be used across ages.

Thrift Finds for Math

Picked up a making change game today, and six or seven BBC Earth Life nature puzzles all for .59 cents a pound!

We'll check this game out tomorrow.

From the Manufacturer

Exact Change combines an excellent teaching lesson with fun, fast paced action that the entire family will love. The goal is to play all of your cards first. You can discard cards by matching the color of the last card played, by matching the currency value (play a penny on a penny), or by making EXACT CHANGE. Making exact change allows you to discard multiple cards that add up to the value of the last card played. If the last card played shows a quarter, you can make exact change by playing two dimes and a nickel…allowing you to discard three cards in one play

Monday, May 04, 2015

DIY Decoupage Resin Tray

I had no idea how easy it was to work with resin, but I'd definitely do this outside because of the fumes. Check it out. I'll be picking out a tray at the thrift for this. Fun!

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Frugal DIY Math Games with Dice

Just pinned a few to Pinterest

DIY giant dice game.

Connect Four

Final Count Down

10,000 Dice Game(Farkle)

By the way, I see dice all the time at the thrift store for pennies a piece when sold together bags. These are very inexpensive math games for home learning.

Recycling Plastic Plant Containers

I just noticed that Lowes will recycle your discarded plastic plant containers. I always hated throwing those out when I purchased new plants. See here.

Friday, May 01, 2015

Thinking about Altered Vintage Clipboards

Via Pinterest from here.

My daughter made one with some thrifted paper, and now I'm wanting to try it too. Clipboards are always at our thrifts for under a dollar, and they are the vintage sturdy type. I think I'll try vintage public domain images and/or vintage wrapping paper.

I'm not a table person, so these are great for lap boards on the couch.

Etsy Store Update

I am trying to list every day, but the weather has not been cooperating for pictures. The house is too dark, so I take my Etsy pictures outside. I ordered a light tent for inside, but it must be coming from overseas because it won't arrive until May 20th.

I received the lights though, but they are too bright without the light tent to diffuse.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, so I may try to take as many pictures as I can while the husband takes care of business here at the house.

More items will be added soon! I've got more books and other interesting stuff coming.

Lights and tent.

Book Storage Cart and Managing Book Collections

Things here are much less organized than they used to be. My daughter is a high energy crafter and hands-on learner. Things are constantly cluttered, but learning is happening, so I roll with it.

I've cleared the house of extra furniture, and there are open spaces for play and crafting and art projects. Clean up is much easier this way. Books have never gotten put back into the bookshelves, so I gave up, and stacked them.

Lately, it has been getting out of hand...too many books. Bookshelves weren't working for us. The books fell out or over, and it was a hassle squishing them inbetween each other. Titles were hard to read, and often books that did make their way back were put in backwards, so the title couldn't be read.

I saw this library cart on Amazon and thought it would be easier to load up the cart with books by category. It rolls out of the way and to and from rooms for quick pick up, and it's angled back, so books stay and don't fall out. It was pricey, but I think it will be the perfect solution.

I'll get more in the future, but this is a good start to reaching sanity with the book situation. We try to use the library and ebooks to cut down on storage as much as possible, but there is nothing like the feel of a real book and long term access. Some books we keep for reference and because they are favorites.

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