Friday, June 28, 2013

Naturalish DIY Home Acne Treatment

My son has mild acne with sensitive skin. I've had him use a zinc based wash and honey masks, and they seem to be working at keeping the acne at bay. He still has red areas that don't seem to heal. I'm still working on this, but the weekly honey masks bring down the redness quite a bit. Honey has gentle antibacterial properties which seems to work well with sensitive skin.

Our Gentle Acne Treatments:

-Zincplex Shampoo 8 oz - shampoo that he uses as a facial wash.

-Salux Nylon Japanese Beauty Skin Bath Wash Cloth(exfoliating cloth/towel)

-Honey from the grocery store
- BC Powder(aspirin) mask...takes away redness and promotes healing.

Just ordered: Enessa Clove Acne Control 0.5 fl oz. Review to follow...update: Not effective, but nice scent. I use it as a perfume.

I try to order natural based products for us, and we are avoiding prescription medication because of the side effects.

I've been using this for scalp blemishes: Dr. Kaufmann Medicated Sulfur Soap . I've not gotten any new blemishes, but the old ones are healing very slowly. I have not had my son try this yet, but will soon. 

I bought this to keep my head cool through the night: Organic Buckwheat Pillow - Japanese Size (14" x 20") It's breathable and has helped a lot! I get some night sweats due to menopausal symptoms. The sweat inevitably results in blemishes, and I'm not hot with this new pillow. This and two fans at night!

We wash pillow cases every week which keeps an oily face cleaner. I flip my son's pillow over half way through the week.

I'm also using at-home acidic facial peels which have worked well at abating age spots and blemishes on my face with extreme exfoliation: Skin Obsession 40% Glycolic Acid Peel for Acne, Scars, Age Spots & Lines . This would probably be great for my son's skin, but he can't take the stinging feeling. When I use it, it feels more like an itchy sensation, but it is not painful at all.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tobacco Farming Stories

My blogger friend Debbie has a facinating post about her childhood experiences helping with tabacco farms in North Carolina. She shares details of the entire process. See here.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Thrift Store Shopping for Fall Children's Clothing in June

We got a new thrift here which now sells clothing by the pound. I thought I'd try it for some early back-to-school shopping, and was pleasantly surprised to find some decent items in the bins! I got two pairs of like-new Levi jeans and a good quality striped long sleeved top, all for my teenage son.

Check the thrifts NOW for good deals, before the stock is picked over in late July and August. I plan to return throughout the summer to build his wardrobe for the fall. I don't mind digging through bins for good deals, especially when they are .50 cents a pound!

Yardsales are good too, although I don't do them because of high gas prices. If a yardsale is on my way, I'll stop, but otherwise I like to go to a one-stop source.

Frugal Summer Plans

Gas prices have reached almost to $3.50 a gallon in our area! This year we are staying closer to home. A few frugal staycation plans  for us this summer:

- An overnight stay or two at a local hotel which has a free buffet breakfast and a fabulous pool.
- Visit state and federal parks for the day within an hour or two from our home.
- Go fishing locally.
- Visit the library.
- Take a swim class with the city recreation center.
- Learn handyman skills together as a family from free resources online and at the library.
- Go bowling.
- Garden
- Craft and learn to draw.
- Walking tours of the area's more pleasant places.
- Read and relax in the backyard.
- Hang out together with no plans .

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to Fold To Towels Tutorial

June Homeschool History: Flag Protection Act

"The flag-protection movement regained national momentum during World War I, and on June 14, 1923, the first National Flag Conference was held in Washington, D.C., to establish a set of rules for civilian flag use. The U.S. Flag Code, first published in 1923 and adopted by Congress in 1942, is based on the belief that the American flag “represents a living country and is itself considered a living thing.” It proscribes any use of the flag that could be construed as disrespectful, including using it for advertising and to decorate clothing and other goods. While the U.S. Supreme Court struck down flag-protection laws as violations of free speech in 1989, the Flag Code is still maintained as a code of etiquette, enforced not by law but by tradition....In the 1920s, when the U.S. Flag Code was created, teaching respect for the flag was considered an essential part of 'Americanization', the process of assimilating immigrants into loyal, English-speaking citizens."

Read more here at the Smithsonian National Museum of History. Link to classroom resource.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Build Your Own Small House Frugally

I think this is so innovative and resourceful. Much of the items were purchased secondhand or were free, costing them only $5,900. See here.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Nature Study: Gentle Giants, Mountain Gorillas of Uganda

I showed this to my children this morning. So amazing! I hope these beautiful creatures, a marvel of God's creation, are protected.

Also see National Geographic for Kids - games, and other online educational freebies.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Kindle Fire for Homeschool/Early Learning

I finally decided to try the Kindle Fire android after our laptop broke. I liked it so much for reading, browsing the web, and keeping up with social media that I bought two. My husband uses one for audiobooks and movies. The other was for me, but I quickly discovered many educational apps that were free or very low cost for homeschool. I saw many Amazon apps for older children, but I am primarily using the first grade apps for my daughter.

I found apps for read-along books, math, science, spelling, phonics, and reading. A few of my daughter's favorites:

How to Count Coins (For Kids Ages 3-10)
Starfall Learn To Read
Monkey Word School Adventure
Monkey Math School Sunshine
Abby Sight Words Games
Flash Cards vol 1: Kids Learn to Read - Learning Reading      Adventure
Reading Rainbow (Kindle Tablet Edition)
Peter Pig's Money Counter
MathOpen Cool Math Kids Game.
Preschool to 5th Grade Kids Learning Games : Preschool,      Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Math Bugaboo
Montessori Phonics Long vowels, Blends and Digraphs for      Kindergarten Kids
Butterfly Math
Bubble Words
Phonics and Reading With McGuffey
First Grade Learning Games (Full Version)
First Grade Kids Word Play - Word Find, Sight Word Memory,      Phonics & Spelling Games
Fox In Socks - Dr. Seuss
Sight Words Sentence Builder
Let's Do the Math
Body Organs 4 Kids
My First Money Tablet
Pink Pig (Miss Rhonda's Readers Set ONE)

I also got a subscription to the FreeTime Unlimited app on Kindle Fire which is wonderful! It's a children's program with video, read-along books, and learning apps protected with a password so that the child does not wander off the FreeTime page. A time limit can also be programmed. My daughter's reading has greatly improved with the read-along books. We worked on a phonics and a learning-to-read program that worked for my son many year ago, but she is learning much more easily with computer based programs. We've ordered so many wonderful read along books, easy readers, and mom- read books since having this Kindle. I never have to ask her to do school work; she does it willingly, and throughout the day and evening.

Now my teenage son wants one. I'll wait until Christmas and pick out the larger Kindle with 4G for him. Academic school books and Classic books are free or low priced via the Kindle. If it breaks, the replacement is free with the one year warranty, and an optional two year extension for $49.99.

We got this Kindle Fire(below) for $159.00 with a subscription to FreeTime via Amazon Prime for $2.99 monthly. I just noticed this sale for Father's Day: $20 off Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD 8.9", or Kindle Fire HD 8.9" 4G. Enter DADSFIRE at checkout.  Expires 6/8/13.

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