Friday, December 28, 2012

Free DIY Picasa Flashcards and Worksheets

With some tweaking, Google's free Picasa makes some really nice flashcards and worksheets. I made some flashcards by using images, faded by using "pencil sketch" and the "fill light" applications, then added it to "collage". Each finished picture was copied (clicked on file), and then the original amended with the new word. If you repeat this six times, you can get an entire collage sheet of printable flashcards. Worksheets are made using the full page. Use shift dash for answer lines. I did the regular short dash for the worksheet below, and the answer lines were a little too high. Font size can be adjusted easily and so can written sections which can be moved and centered manually. The Picasa text on picture application is very user friendly.

 I love being able to add any picture that I like and customizing worksheets, copywork pages, and story starters. I used free coloring pages for these. Not my first choice, but SpongeBob really makes her eager to learn, so I go with it. She loves snails, and I guess Gary the Snail speaks to her. Anyway, this is a super inexpensive way to customize your own educational items.

I incorporated many of the sight words and sound out words that she is currently learning with the CLE Learning to Read Program. The ease of learning and smiles I got with these homemade worksheets and flashcards was wonderful. She did them eagerly in lightening time. I plan to make more to supplement her Pathway Readers and Bob Books.

ClipArtEtc has hundreds of vintage free clipart which you can used for backgrounds.

Freebie: sight word list

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