Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Extremely Inexpensive Garage Organization

It took half the day, but we cleared out our garage recently, decluttering 15 years of accumulation, and freeing up a lot of space in the process. We took everything out, swept the floors, and then did some extreme purging. We filled up our vehicle and donated all the stuff to a local thrift store which takes hardware type items.

 For an efficient bare budget garden tool organization, we used this method:


 We used leftover wood from other projects, and we already had nails and screws, so it cost us no additional money. Sometimes you can find long pieces of wood for free(with permission) in the trash bins at the end of the lumber aisles. These long thin pallet type scrap wood is easy to come by at big box stores.

We were able to hang bulkier items like the electric clippers and the weed wacker from hooks screwed in under a high shelf. I put all the hand tools and tinier items in a giant rubbermaid container with smaller containers from the dollar store inside to organize the "smalls". It's all contained in one, and simple to clean and move around.

There are no more hiding places for overwintering palmettos bugs and spiders! The floor is clear to sweep and occasionally spray down with soapy water.

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