Thursday, September 06, 2012

Loving Apologia Physical Science

We worked our first science module today with Apologia Physical science. This is going to be a great year for science! The experiments were easy and explainations excellent - brief and to the point. I also found quite a few free links online for Apologia science helps:


Links to videos and other extended learning for each module.

YouTube Videos

I'll post a picture soon. All items for the experiment, except for the copper electrical wire,  were purchased at a dollar store - no expensive lab equipment needed.


Berry Patch said...

You may find this helpful this year as well:

I used it last year for Biology & plan to use it this year for General Science.

Eva said...

We will be doing the same book, so good to know that it's working! I got a great deal on the book (used), which included some kind of DVD. I haven't taken a look, but it's supposed to show pictures of what is covered in the book. I will let you know if we like it or not.

Alexandra said...

Thanks Lisa!

Eva: Nice find with the DVD. I hope you like it as much as us. :)