Thursday, September 27, 2012

Free Classic Young Children's Fairy Tales for Bedtime Reading

The Rainbow Book of Fairy Tales for Six-Year-Olds by Lisa Ripperton

This is a compilation of vintage stories circa 1924, not dumbed down, full of rich language for children's ears, but also easy to comprehend for a young child, especially if read with affect.

Last night, I was able to read three as bedtime stories without my first grader getting antsy, although she did fall asleep during Rumpelstiltskin, and what better way to drift off to sleep! The font is nice and large for tired momma eyes. You can turn down the lights and read this book on a laptop. There are no pictures, just text.

There are many more free ebooks to browse at this site as well.

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Eva said...

I love this site! It fits well with our homeschool style. You can also buy those books and the quality is excellent!

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