Friday, August 03, 2012

Underutilized Community Centers?!!

We pay a whopping $20.00 a year per person to use our community center indoor pools, open gyms, and fitness centers. A better bargain I have not found! Oddly, we are the only family using the pool this summer. Summer youth camps come through, but after that we have the pool to ourselves. It has been nice, but I wonder why more people don't take the opportunity for such a bargain.

We'll be using the pool and fitness center for homeschool P.E. high school credit in the coming years. My teenage son will need 240 hours of physical education for his degree, and we just got approval to use the center for credit.

I'm trying to use the pool at least three times a week for my own physical fitness as well, and I'm teaching my daughter to swim. I feel so much better after having fit in an hour of swimming a few times a week this summer. I have more energy now and unlike other work-outs, I'm not drained afterwards.

Check out your community center resources. It's much less expensive than a private fitness center/pool membership. You might have the center all to yourself during the week!

We still have our little above ground pool, but it's no good for laps. I do get in a little exercise in it like stretching and stationary leg and arm work.

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Otter Mom said...

When our daughter was younger and we lived in Tulsa, we used the community centers fairly often. There are not too many of them any more, they didn't survive the economic downturn but there are still a few of them. They are wonderful.

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