Thursday, August 30, 2012

Off-season Hotel Deals

We found a good deal for a short vacation. We are taking it in the middle of the week in October, off-season. We got five days on the beach with a view of the ocean in Atlantic City for $279.00. A super price if you are able to take vacation days during the off-season, and in the middle of the week when business is slower.

We used and stacked two coupons with the 20% discount offered at Click through Coupon Cactus for 4% off. This can be stacked with another 10% off through 9/13/12 with online coupon code: AUGI:NY2SP7T.

 If you get on the mailing list, sometimes they have 24 hour 50% off sales, and offer coupons and rebates throughout the year. After ten hotel nights booked through, you receive one night free. So far, I've liked the deals that I've received and the one night free! We've used them for the past three years for their good rates, coupons, and rebates.


Anna Mae said...

And for next year, if you have a Bottom Dollar Food nearby, just think how much money you can save and put towards another great vacation. Thanks for sharing.

Alexandra said...

True! We have a Save-A-Lot which is similar to Aldi's. It has better prices than our Bottom Dollar, but Bottom Dollar does have some great seasonal sales on canned foods.

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