Saturday, August 04, 2012

Frugal Housekeeping - Fuller String Mop

Fuller Brush Wet Mop Complete

Sometimes old fashioned is the best. I just bought a Fuller string mop for my hard surface floors. As advertised, this mop catches the dirt and cleans off easily. I use a string mop, but this one is built to last with all metal parts, and a sturdy mop head with tough non-shedding twisted string. The entire mop is about $14.00, and the mop head is replaceable.

More about the Fuller Brush Company, established in 1906.

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Otter Mom said...

I use a swiffer on my ceramic tile floor, but I would think a string mop would work very well. I crochet washable swiffer covers so I don't have to keep buying the paper covers for the swiffer, it saves a lot of money since they are washable and reusable but I think that a string mop might actually work better.

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