Wednesday, August 22, 2012

30 Signs of a Frugal Upbringing

Frugal folks come from all sorts of backgrounds. Some were raised in typical American families with traditional buying and spending habits and came to embrace frugality much later in life. Others were raised by parents or grandparents who made simplicity part of everyday life — from the way they cooked and cleaned to the way they fixed their cars and celebrated holidays. For those of us in the latter group, we can spot another member a mile off...

1. You skip the headlines in the Sunday paper and head straight for the sales inserts.
2. You’ve washed (or seriously considered washing) tin foil to use it a second time.
3. You remember smuggling homemade snacks into the Saturday matinee.
4. You know how to buff your shoes to high shine by adding a bit of water or heat to the polish.
5. You’ll still stop to pick up a penny.
6. You ignore the suggested use or recommended quantity directions on most products.
7. There’s a coupon organizer in your purse or car (extra credit if it includes a calculator).
8. You save rubber bands or twist-ties....

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Otter Mom said...

I do fit a lot of those, but I have a pathological hatred of twist ties! But most of the rest of them are me.

Eddie said...

I think I ticked off almost every one!

Not only do I ignore the suggested quantity to use, I habitually start with 1/3 of any amount suggested and work up very slowly until I hit the point where it's the most effective for the least money.

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