Monday, June 04, 2012

Complete Old Time Radio D-Day Broadcasts

From my inbox today:

"June 6 is the 68th anniversary of D-Day--the invasion of Normandy by Allied forces in World War II. has two "complete broadcast day" collections available:

* D-Day Complete Broadcast Day 1944 (CBS)[$4.50]
* D-Day Complete Broadcast Day 1944 (NBC)[$4.50]

Buy both of these in the special bundle savings and save 25% this week!

A fascinating listen, you'll hear exactly what listeners heard on D-Day including filler and rare radio programs. On D-Day 1944, radio programs such as Bob Hope, Fibber McGee and Molly and more are interrupted with news bulletins updating listeners to the progress of the allied invasion.  President Roosevelt leads the nation in prayer in for our nation's soldiers.

D-Day Broadcast Articles
Enjoy the D-Day article by author Eric Beheim which is a detailed account of the broadcasts this fateful day.

Also read about a fellow old time radio listener who was in the Army in 1944 and participated in the invasion that day. Lee contributed this insightful article on his memories and role in the invasion on D-Day."

Click here, to listen to free and paid old time radio at OTR Cat.

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Otter Mom said...

As the daughter of a D-Day veteran, Thank You for posting this. My dad was my hero.

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