Saturday, May 05, 2012

Saving Money with Discounted Gift Cards

I've been using discounted gift cards to purchase items at stores I frequent for at least a year now. The savings have been really good. Not only am I getting gift cards at below value, I am combining(stacking) these savings with click-through rebate(cash back) sites, coupons, and sales.

Here are some gift card sites that I've used without any problems:

ABC Gift Cards
Gift Card Rescue
Plastic Jungle
Card Pool

The savings vary throughout the year. I've gotten anywhere from 2%(Walmart) off to 40%(AMC theaters) off. It's worth it to keep checking back for the good deals. The values generally vary as well, so if you want a small or high value card, they'll be able to accommodate you.  If the percentage is high, I go for the high value gift cards. It saves me money in the long run, and is a better rate than I'd earn sitting in the bank. The gift cards have no expiration date per law.

Here(Cash Back Chart) is a compilation of rebate(cash back) click-through sites by savings level organized by store. This is so helpful! Simply look up your store and choose the highest savings rate.

Retail Me Not is one of the better coupon code sites. Check here and Google for coupon codes to stack savings.

One of the easiest stores to apply this stacking method is Payless Shoes. They are always offering specials(like BOGO), have generous coupon codes online,  and offer free site to store delivery. The gift cards are usually deeply discounted, and the cash back sites have a decent cash back rate. You can triple stack savings with current sales and take a nice chunk off your final price.


Maureen Sklaroff said...

What a great and timely post for me! Have you used Gift Card Granny? That was the only one that I had ever heard of before, but I have been a bit nervous about using without hearing more about them. If you have used them, did you have problems with them (since you don't mention them)?

Alexandra said...


It's a referral site to gift cards. I've tried it a few times, but GCG seems to have too many ebay listings for gift cards. I find it difficult to get good deals on ebay for the gift cards. It's easier for me to just get alerts from the gift card sites for my favorite stores. Some of them you have to jump on fast! I use Rite Aid for my prescriptions, and this is one discounted gift card which sells out quickly. Walgreen cards are much easier to find.

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