Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dress a Llama

Source: via Heidi on Pinterest

This pin cushion made with a plastic animal is so clever. I couldn't have this at my home because it would be a lure for busy little fingers, but I really like the idea of making authentic folk costumes for plastic animals. This one with ribbons and pom-poms looks fairly easy to make as an extension for a study of Latin American mountain animals. A decorated elephant would be fun for a study of India. Maybe dress up a camel for North African or Middle East studies. They put interesting patterns with dye on camels in Pakistan(and India), and have colorful packs, rugs and bridles.


Otter Mom said...

How cute! I think I just found another craft for my daughter. That is really fun.

Alexandra said...

If you do, please share! These detailed German brand plastic animals can be found at Target. I saw some at the dollar store too, but these are much less finely made, of course.

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