Sunday, March 25, 2012

Printable Picture Studies and Composition Lessons(Elementary Grades)


 Study the picture. What do you see in the foreground of the picture? Who is the man? Why is he so anxious? Which little patient is he most interested in? How does this patient look? What do you see in the background of the picture?

 Oral and Written Exercises. — Tell the story that the picture tells you. Before beginning the story, set down the points about which you wish to talk or write. Next arrange them in some good order and stick to it. Find use for some of the following words:

anxious, worried     silent, quiet           asleep, awake
pathetic, sad            ill, sick                  clean, cool
sufferer, patient       gazing, looking     happy, delighted

 Word Study
Foreground means the part that seems nearest to you.
Background means the part that seems farthest away.

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 From English Spoken and Written: Lessons in Language, Literature, and Composition, 1910. Entire book is available here for free download. Individual book pages can be printed by right clicking on the image of the page(s) at the link.

More here. Just scroll through the Table of Contents and look for highlighted words.


Over Yonder said...

I just ran across your blog and LOVE it! such an awesome resource of info.

Alexandra said...

Thank you! There is lots of cool stuff in those vintage text books. We use them as we come across them for skill building. A few we have used in their entirety, like the early readers and history books. Hope you find some helpful stuff. :)

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