Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Picture Pie, Fun with Circles

Ed Emberley's Picture Pie (Ed Emberley Drawing Books)

From the library...lots of fun with this book. The pies are divided into eighths and puzzled together like a tangram. Circles are made by tracing around a cup and then are cut out. The circle is folded in half, then again, and again to make eight even slice folds. The child(or adult) cuts along the folds, and can make various pictures with the slices. The instructions for the pictures are simple to follow and range from easy to difficult. There is something for everyone in this book.

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Chavi said...

Three cheers for Ed Emberley! We love Picture Pie and I am always dismayed to see how little exposure it seems to have on the frugal/crafty/etc online world.

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