Saturday, February 25, 2012

Inexpensive Silk Drapes

Update: Here they are. I ended up just hanging them over the rod. I'm very happy with these. Two were long enough to doubled over the rod as curtains, and the other is being used as a swag. All were placed on an existing rod with two of my older off-white sheers in the middle. The edges are finished with an ornate gold trim.

I just purchased some vintage pure silk Indian saris(ebay) for under $15.00 each. Each piece is 43 inches wide and 4 yards long. I am hoping to made some curtains out of these by sewing them to the front of my existing thin white tab top curtains.

I think it will bring out the blue in our old Persian rug. Or it might look garish, either way, you can't beat the price! If I could have found it, powder blue would have been a better choice. Saris tend to be made in vibrant colors.

These old saris can be made into beautiful comforters and pillows. Something I recently learned about silk is that it resists dust mites; so they make great bed coverings for allergy sufferers.


Myrnie said...

Ooh, great score!! My parents once traveled to Asia, and came home...and told me "I saw bolts of raw silk for about $15, and I thought you might like one, but I couldn't decide which color. So I didn't get any." haha...arrrgh! :) Beautiful, beautiful saris!

Therese said...

I really like the vibrant colour. I can't wait to see the curtains. They should look really good.

Alexandra said...

@Myrnie: If I ever get to Asia I will surely go nuts over all the beautiful fabrics and textiles! I bet they saw some wonderful bargains.

@Therese: Thanks I hope they work out. If not, I'll made them into a comforter.

Lola said...

Pretty Pretty Pretty!
Blue drapes.

I didn't know about silk and dustmites. Now I can justify upgrading my living arrangements...
I heard Wool had the same properties.

Better prices than the el cheapo $1 yard stuff I can't quite figure out what to do with and eventually stuffed in the bottom of my 'fabric-stash'.

Alexandra said...

Your new couch would match my rug perfectly!

Otter Mom said...

They are absolutely lovely.

Alexandra said...


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