Monday, February 27, 2012

Inexpensive School Textbook(Vintage) Reprints

Today I received three reprints of early 20th century English composition texts for eighth and ninth grade levels, available free at Google Books as a PDF. These freebies could be read on a laptop, but the student in question(the son) wanted a print book. They are excellent content and were less than $13.00 each as reprints. Many books are available for reprint via Qoop. When you find a vintage free books that you'd like in print, look for the Qoop button("Get Book in Print" pull down menu) on the left hand Google Books sidebar(at "About Book" link) The reprints are available in black and white print as paperbacks only, and will be the exact replica of the book(as seen) on Google Books.


Eva said...

How is the paper quality?

Alexandra said...

Like a regular paper back(professional), and the binding is tight. The cover is glossy and the size is 9" x 6". The book on the left is the easiest of the three and covers more grammar.

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