Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Free Form Artistic Nature Journals

These are some of my favorite types of journals. They are born from the imagination, and you can draw from so many free resources, such as drawing instructions or free clip art online; or maybe cut-outs from seed and plant catalogs received in the mail. Natural items like pressed flowers can be glued over printed images and sealed with clear packing tape(dollar store). Information can be hunted down online or at the library, and copied neatly into the journal with colored pens. It's a very low cost way to study outdoor nature topics, or document your gardening progress; and produces a beautiful keepsake as well. Dollar stores often have bound journals which can be covered with images of your topic and sealed with contact paper. This one looks like it has a sewn fabric cover.


Eddie said...

I never thought of adding in cuttings and other pictures before! That looks really great; we're going to have to incorporate some of that into our nature journals. Thanks for the inspiration!

Alexandra said...

Glad you liked it. In art terms I guess it would fall under "mixed media". I like the freedom of this style...sort of like a collage.

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