Wednesday, December 28, 2011

End of the Year Thrifty Thrifter

The end of the tax year approaches and that means a rush of last minute donations to non-profit thrift stores. If you enjoy thrift bargains, the end of this week, and the first week of January are ideal times to find many good quality items for the home and wardrobe. Some of the larger well known thrift stores will be packed with merchandise during the next week or two.

Not tax related, but I've noticed that our Craigslist had a good number more offers for kitchen ranges(other appliances) in very good condition. Many people swap out their stoves for new ones that were purchased at discounted Christmas prices. And some of them were not that old, a few had active warranties.


Eva said...

Dear Alexandra, merry Christmas to you and your family. I really like Craigslist and I have found great things there. We are looking for a new stove, but I'm kind of hesitant about buying one from Craigslist. We don't know anything about installing a stove, we don't have a truck to get it home, and we don't know what to do with the old one then.

Alexandra said...

You must have a gas stove? Electric only require an outlet to plug it in. I've been thinking about the logistics as well. I think we may borrow a truck or rent one for $19.99. The old one will go to charity if I can find one that will take it. I could probably get rid of it on Freecycle fairly quickly.

Sometimes sellers on Craigslist will deliver. And if you list yours on Craigslist, the buyer will pick it up. They have a free section, and there is always low income families who need a working stove.

Non-working stoves are frequently picked up for free by those folks that want metal to recycle or repair people who refurbish old stoves. Check Craigslist for the scrap metal people. Or list it that way, as a freebie for scrap metal or refurbish.

Since we are in a city, all I have to do is put old metal stuff at the curb, and the scrap metal collectors come round and take it. We've got at least two regular guys who cruise the neighborhood in old trucks around trash day.

I hope this helps adds to your brainstorming. :)

Alexandra said...

Oh, and I think plumbers are the ones who install gas lines. I guess you'd need to hire one to install it if you've got a gas stove, and buy it used. I've not had gas stoves in years, but I have a gas water heater and heat system.

Eva said...

Thank you so much for all your ideas! Yes, I want a gas stove again because I think they cook better. I looked at the stoves from Craigslist in our area, but they are all over an hour away, are not stoves I'm interested in, are not really cheap, and people don't deliver. To have it connected will be close to $100 also. That's the basic price for all service people in our area because of the long driving time. We'll go with a "local" appliance store that offers a 12 month pay option. That's how we payed our washing machine also. They have good customer service and deliver our here. They also take away the old stove. But for smaller items I still really like Craigslist.

Alexandra said...

That's right, you are in the country with long distances to places. I imagine you have to work with what you've got. It's very nice that they offer the 12 month plan! How wonderful to have that option in a pinch. Yes, I think gas is so much more flexible for cooking.

Eva said...

My husband called one of the stores yesterday and the stove we had finally picked out was even $100 cheaper! What a deal. It will be delivered later next week.

Alexandra said...


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