Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kitty Leisure Activities

Spoiled pets seen here:
Daily fish watching along with a short drink from the bowl by resident cat. Our betta fish hides in his castle from my daughter, but not the cat! There's a bit of cat watching from the other side of the glass as well.


Lady Farmer said...

We have a couple of very spoiled kitties, too! In the springtime, ours love to watch 'cat tv'! which is actually a wire pen full of baby chicks. So very intriguing to the cats ~ they 'guard' them all.day.long!

Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with reasons to give thanks!

Alexandra said...

Oh boy, my cat would be in heaven.:)

It was a grace filled Thanksgiving...many reasons to give thanks. I hope yours was the same.

Eva said...

That is such a funny picture! Does your cat really drink the water and never tries to get the fish? Our cat is eating like crazy right now (must be the cold). Today I refused to give him more, so he went outside and caught himself a chipmunk. It was still alive in his mouth, so I rescued the chipmunk and fed Julius!

Mary Bennett said...

My cats watch our parakeet. It's to the point if the cats get too close to the cage, the bird, who I call Fang now instead of his given name of Mozart, actually snaps at them from between the bars. After getting their nose bit a few times, they keep a healthy distance from Fang. But they still watch!!!!

Alexandra said...

Eva, he's very good with the fish. He's middle-aged, and seems to know it is a part of the family, so off limits. We have hermit crabs which he loves to watch in the evening, when they are active. The cat goes outdoors, so he gets lots of hunting opportunities. Ours is fattening up for the winter as well! Funny about the chipmunk. Glad he lived to see another day. :)

Mary, Fang sounds like he has a big personality. ;) How funny! I would love to get a parakeet. Good to know they are not timid.

Karina said...

How cute, for some reason my little puppy is scared of the turtles and fishies hehe.

Otter Mom said...

When my daughter still had hamsters, we had to move the cage up as high as we could because her beagle discovered them and spent hours and hours watching them. The beagle is a predator and we figured that she'd find a way to eat them, if she could.

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