Sunday, October 02, 2011

Living Book Reference Lists: Science Grades One - Eight

Classical:Grammar Stage Science Book List(grades 1-6) Compiled by Carol Richey This is a good starter list which I've used for library book searches. It's also good to use as a spine for finding similar books under topic areas using key words.

Charlotte Mason Living Books Curriculum(grades 1-8), good for reference.

From Donna Young - "A basic a skeleton outline of science topics. Use this as a study guide to look up resources in an encyclopedia or other reference books": See here, and here for a living science book list shared on a Donna Young forum.

Public domain science books shared by An Old Fashioned Education. Some texts are included; however, many are living books. See books broken down by grade level here.


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Great suggestions!

Elizabeth said...

Wish I could find Living Books for Pre-Algebra. Ugh

Elizabeth said...

Do you know of any?

Lexi said...

Thank you for that list! I'm going to use some of those suggestions to plan for our summer reading!