Saturday, October 01, 2011

Easy Fun Little Pet

We've had this pretty orange betta since spring, and it's the sweetest little thing, always happy to see us walk by, or talk to it from above the bowl. I know he's looking for food, but he does seem to like us to pay attention to him. He also has preferences. I'm his favorite, and he runs and hides from my daughter who gets too carried away with her love.

He was just a few dollars at Wallyworld. The tank is a super large Wallyworld vase on clearance. All the other tank items were purchased there as well: a little heater, a simple pump, a bridge, large pebbles, and plants grown from bulbs. The pump is not completely necessary, but I like to think they are healthier with it. It's a bit strong for the tank, so I fold the tube in half(with packing tape) for just a little bubbles. The fish seems to like it. I purchased a small siphon off ebay which changes water in the tank in no time.

One thing I've learned with bettas is that they go not like those betta pellets. I buy the betta flakes which they eat up quickly.


Lola said...

Thank you for the tips on the 'flakes'.

Our betas lived for years. But the pellets were so messy!

I love the color, he seems naturally 'happy'.

Does your kitty like the beta?

Alexandra said...

My daughter picked the color. I wanted purple or red, but I think she picked just right.

Yes! It's like cat tv ;). I had a picture of him watching the fish, but I can't find it now. I'll have to take another.

Great pets! I'm enjoying this little guy a lot.

Elizabeth said...

He's a cutie. We had a fish named "Swimmy" which belonged to my son, but he quietly slipped away one day...

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