Saturday, August 20, 2011

The War on Dust

Eight Strategies to Reduce Dust in the Home :

1. Keep closet floors clear for easy cleaning.
2. Upgrade your furnace filter
3. Rotate bedding weekly
4. Capture dust — don't just spread it around.
5. Beat and shake area rugs.
6. Take cushions out for a beating.
7. Clean the air while you clean house.
8. Match the vacuum to the flooring
See entire article here.

I've begun vacuuming the beds as well. When possible, I air out the house while cleaning. What do you do to fight dust in the home?


Otter Mom said...

I have to dust frequently, as my daughter is asthmatic and dust is one of her big triggers. I use a damp washcloth and rinse it out frequently. We also clean the ceiling fan blades off regularly. Curtains have to be washed frequently. Dust is my enemy!

Alexandra said...

I have allergies, and it seems we get lots of dust here despite my frequent cleaning. It's frustrating, but it has gotten better now that we got rid of carpet. I'm going to try the suggestion in the article mentioning that closet contents should be bagged/boxed.

I use a damp dust cloth as well. I've got all my pillows in the washer tonight! This article got me deep cleaning. ;)

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