Sunday, August 21, 2011

Harvesting Squash

I am beginning to get more squash now. What really surprised me was finding spaghetti squash in my garden! I don't remember planting this, but it will be a much appreciated extra veggie to use with an Italian recipe. A lot of edibles have failed in my little garden plot over the years, but squash has been a winner this season. Next year I'll be planting more squash, cucumber, green pepper, and tomatoes. All of these vegetables do well for me with very little fuss. I did manage to get a few small carrots and radish early in the season; these I'll plant again too.

Although the bugs and slugs where not a problem this year, the weather was harsh for the garden with heavy rains followed by hot dry spells. My soaker hose sprung a leak, so I've been watering from above. It doesn't work as well, so garden yields have been a little sparse.


Lady Farmer said...

It has been a difficult gardening year for most of us this year, I think. Such extremes in weather! There is never a dull (year) moment in the garden, here, as it never is the same as far as what will grow well, etc. except that the one constant is the everpresent deer standing watch over our tow vegetable garden and orchard and flower beds!
Enjoy your bonus squash! What a fun surprise!

Sarah Gibson said...

You okay after earthquake?

Elizabeth said...

Last question was from me, Elizabeth, signed in under daughter's account. Forgot to sign in.

Alexandra said...

Thanks for asking - yes it was just a little roll here in SE Virginia. It was a bit like feeling a big wave roll under the house. The ground is soft here, so we just roll with it. :) We are only 12 feet above sea level.

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