Saturday, July 16, 2011

One Step Tile, Stone, and Grout Cleaner & Resealer

A salesperson at Ace Hardware recommended TileLab's One Step Cleaner & Resealer for my tile floors in the bathrooms. Our tile work is relatively new, and I wanted to keep the grout looking new. In the past, I've used bleach or bleach based products and a stiff brush on grout, but this product is much easier. I looked up the toxicity, and it's made with non-hazardous materials(low VOCs). All I had to do was spray it on and wipe up. It was easy on my hands as well. This was a great find and really delivers.

Amazon carries it, but unfortunately, there is no free shipping. Amazon customer reviews are five out of five stars for performance. This product may be available at the big box stores. I know the Ace and True Value hardware stores carry it.


Debbie J said...

This is good to know. I need to remember this product for the future. I wonder if it works on the tile on the wall in a shower?

Alexandra said...

It might. The bottle mentions that it cleans mildew. I've got an insert, so haven't tried it in the shower. It makes the tile very shiny, not slippery, just bright and new looking.

Eva said...

Good to know, we have a mildew problem in one of our bathrooms. Thanks for posting!

Debbie J said...

Our cable, phone and internet are through the local phone company. We don't use the landline, but its required to have the cable and internet. I've been thinking that there's got to be a cheaper and better way.

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