Friday, July 29, 2011

A Few Veggies From the Garden Today

Our little garden has not done well this year with the very hot weather, and my soaker hose sprung a leak. The plants are twisted around it, so there is no removing it this season. Something new this year - green peppers, and they have done well. I'll be planting this again next year.

Some years are more prolific than others, but the garden always offers up something.


Eva said...

That doesn't look so bad, Alexandra!
Our cucumbers are being eaten by the cucumber beetle and our peppers are still very small. Our CSA had trouble with the lettuce because of the heat and the kale looks very miserable. The tomatoes are growing very well, though.

Alexandra said...

Last year we had cucumbers all summer long. This year the garden looks as if it has been grazed by lightening. It's sad! I'm going to have to go clear out all the rangy items. It will be bare, but it may help the remaining veggies get more sun and room to spread out.

Sorry about yours. Many people on the East Coast seem to be having trouble this year.

Eva said...

Is it so bad because of the heat and lack of rain? How is your daughter's garden doing?

Mary Bennett said...

This is the first year that I've tried to grow pumpkins. It was soo cold for so long, I know that we are way behind.
Nothing is doing great, but as long as we get something?
Love your site

Elizabeth said...

Cool. I mean, hot! :) Ya'll have really baked this Summer. It is so wierd, because our Spring lasted until July here and it is not really hot. The mountains are green because of so much rain. Usually by now, they are brown. It's really wierd. I am glad you have gotten something from your garden this year. Hopefully, the heat will break soon.

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