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Coming Up Daisies and Other Kindergarten - Early Elementary Flower Lessons

Cute 1898 flower lessons(violets, daisy, cherry, shooting star, wild roses, clover blossoms, pansy, and more) for early elementary, see pages 1005-1059 to print out/read lesson plans. Simply right click on the images of the pages to save and/or print. Free and in public domain.

A few sections from the daisy lesson:

The Daisy

Where does it come from? Does it grow in sunny or shady places? How high does the plant grow? How many blossoms on one plant? What are the leaves like? Are daisies ail alike? Compare the white and yellow daisy, as to form, size, color, etc. What does the white daisy look like? What do we call the yellow center? (The disk.) What do we call the white flowers around the yellow center? (Rays.) They make the daisy look like a star.

If you do not look very carefully at the daisy, it will fool you. You will think that the little green leaves underneath the flower head make up the calyx and the white leaves above the corolla. You will believe, as many other people do, too, that the yellow center is made up of a number of stamens. But this would not be true, and we will need to look again more carefully. What you hold in your hand is not one daisy flower, but a great many flowers.

The yellow center of the daisy is composed of a great many little tube-shaped blossoms, and the circle of white flower leaves is really a circle of flowers. You will find one pistil. The pollen is brought from the yellow flowers in the center to this pistil.

Do you know why it is called a daisy? Because it awoke so early in the morning? What month of the year does it bloom? How long can we gather daisies?


Read one of the poem by Robert Burns' "To a Daisy."

"The Daisy and the Lark," Hans Anderson.


Draw a daisy plant as it looks growing in the field.
Draw or cut and paste a daisy border.
Make a silhouette of daisies with grasses

I'm a pretty little daisy,
Always coming with the spring;
In the meadows green I'm found.
And my stalk is covered flat
With a white and yellow hat.
My stalk is green and very tall,
At night I am a yellow ball;
But in the morning when I wake,
A lovely little cup I make.

The daisy is the meekest flower

That grows in wood or field;
To wind and rain and footsteps rude,

Its slender stem will yield.

In spring it dots the green with white,

And blossoms all the year,
And so it is a favorite flower, .,

With all the children dear.

Before the stars are in the sky,

The daisy goes to rest,
And folds its little shining leaves

Upon its golden breast.

So children when they go to bed

Should fold their hands in prayer,
And place themselves and all they love,

In God's protecting care. —Set.


Romany said...

Hi Alexandra,

Nice to be here again.

I have a daft question. How do I see inside this book? Do I have to buy it? Or is it all online somewhere. I went to the link but couldn't figure out how to look inside.

Alexandra said...

I think you are being blocked because the U.K. has different public domain laws. Someone else from France had the same problem with a different Google book. :( The link should open up right to the book page. I doubled checked it and it is fine for me. So sorry you can't see it. You could try "preview book", if you see this at the page. If not, you don't have access.

Thanks for coming by. :)

Alexandra said...

I can copy and paste for you if you'd like a lesson on a particular flower. Just let me know.

Romany said...

Never mind, Alexandra. I'll try to figure something out. I was just curious as the pictures are so pretty and it looks like it's an English book by the look of it.

billi said...

As a Kindergarten teacher in public school I love this idea. I just found your blog and will be keeping up with you, to start my school year off. Thanx

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