Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Exploring Caves

I'm getting antsy to travel this summer, and thinking about visiting some caves. I found a list of five commercial "show" caves in our state. There is also a link to caves in the United States and around the world. We are considering the Skyline Caverns and Luray Caverns.

Student educational materials for cave visits:

Exploring Caves(K-3). Story form with questions and links to extended learning. Printable(HTML or PDF)

Geological Information(PDF)

US Geological Survey Educational Resources
for Secondary Grades Middle School and High School

Selections from vintage public domain books:

Why Man Wanted to live in Caves(Elementary), 1904.

The Cave Men, (Elementary), 1897

Caves(Elementary), mentions Kentucky's Mammoth Cave, 1899.

Caves in the United States, fifth grade reader, 1863

Elementary Geology

How Caves are Made, 1916(elementary-middle school)

The Great Valley -Virginia, 1902(middle - high school)

The above vintage book selections can be saved by right clicking on the images of the pages at the links.

We'll be grabbing some books from the library as well.

Also nearby:
Shenandoah River State Park(tubing!)
Shenandoah National Park
George Washington National Forest
The Appalachian Trail

I'll add more resources as I find them.

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Myrnie said...

Fun! I haven't been in a cave in years!

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