Monday, May 02, 2011

Amazon's Trade-in Program

I recently noticed that Amazon has a trade-in option! My son had been cleaning out his media, and I thought I'd check to see if I could list them on Amazon. The items were too common and selling for pennies; however, they were offering trade-ins for no less than a dollar each. So, I printed out the pre-paid label they provided, mailed the books and DVDs, and very soon had about $6.00 deposited into my Amazon account.

To find trade-in items simply enter your item in the Amazon search box and look for the "More Buying Options" window on the right. In that box, you'll see a button labeled "Trade in Here" with a price. It is located under the "Sell Yours Here" button.

Hereis an example listing.

I used my last balance to purchase a non-Amazon gift card.


Eva said...

That's good to know! Do you know about PaperbackSwap?

Alexandra said...

Yes, we tried that before. I've also sold items on Ebay. The Amazon trade-in is good for some low value items especially those items which are difficult to trade or sell elsewhere, and/or if you want to get some money back without much effort.

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