Wednesday, May 04, 2011

2011 Entertainment Coupon Books Now $15.00

I just purchased an "Entertainment" coupon book for South Jersey(vacation) and one for my area. The first book was only $15.00(retails for as much as $40.00), and the second book was only $10.00 with free shipping. Depending upon your area, these usually have some very usable coupons to local stores, entertainment, and dining.

The books probably have the best coupons in larger metropolitan areas and/or in tourist areas. I know for South Jersey there are some great discounts for museums, historical sites, fun parks, and family restaurants. These are all places we usually go, so the discounts will be worth the price of the book. This is the first time that I've purchased a book for my area. I'm hopeful that the coupons will at the very least cover the cost($10.00). We don't dine out much at all, but there are quite a few attractions and family fun activities near us where a discount would be a help.

I noticed that once you sign-up, they offer online coupons, a membership card for more discounts, and phone apps.

I'll update this post after I receive the booklets.

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Lola said...

We've used these for most of the past 15 years of our marriage. Especially when we were newlyweds and before children, we used many of the restaurant coupons 2 for 1.

Thank you for the news on the Entertainment Sale!

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